“I am 43 years old and last March I was told by a “star” doctor in Paris that I had only 1 % of having a baby with my own genes and that I needed a donor for ovocytes. I was broken down morally completely but it was then when I started my online classes with Andrea. We had classes with her extensively for 3 ,months only (once a week with her and twice a week by my own, but a class missed for the whole 3 months), after each class with Andrea I physically felt the movements , active blood circulation in the ovaries area. 3 months after, with the only help of hormonal medicaments and other recommendations which Andrea gave me (food and water regime, other sports, etc), I got pregnant (no IVF), and had almost ideal pregnancy (only the last month was very difficult). Now my baby boy is 2.5 months, and is sleeping now as an angel on the terrace in these days of isolation.
Ladies, now it is the time to take care about yourselves, stating at home and taking online classes can really change your life now bring the long-lasting dream finally true!
Thank you for all Andrea, and hope to be in touch soon for the second baby! ” April 2020