“Cold uterus” my summary from readings and experiences

Nowadays many women are affected by this symptom, so it is good to know that more natural methods exists to cure it, a few of them can be done even by ourselves at home.

What is a cold uterus?

According to Chinese medicine, one of the main culprits of infertility is what we call a ‘cold uterus’. You’ve probably heard of yin and yang and the importance of maintaining balance between the two.

Yang energy is the warming energy of the body, powers the movement of blood and energy and catalyses biological processes, menstrual cycle with the women, menstruation, ovulation, fertility, implantation.

Yang energy is warmth and is most prominent in the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle (the second half of the cycle). During the luteal phase, the yang energy warms the body, helps move the blood, facilitates ovulation and implantation. The luteal phase of the menstrual cycle is considered the yang phase. If conception has occurred, progesterone (which is a yang hormone) raises the body temperature to support implantation of the embryo and helps it to thrive.

Symptoms of cold uterus, signs that one may be yang deficient: feeling tired, feeling cold easily, cold hands and feet, cold abdomen, less menstrual blood, dark coloured menstrual blood, weak digestion, spotting before your period, short luteal phase (ovulation-menstruation), low back pain (during ovulation and/or period), menstrual cramps that feel better with warmth, miscarriage, delayed ovulation, anovulation, ovarian cysts. When the internal cold accumulates in the uterus, sometimes pregnancy is difficult to occur.

Cold uterus causes difficulties in getting pregnant but it does not mean infertility!!

How to treat a cold uterus?

  • Keep yourself warm:
  • eat hot meals
  • eat energising, vitalising meals
  • drink warming (e.g, ginger) tee
  • place a hot bag onto your abdomen daily
  • soak your leg in hot water for 15-20 minutes every day
  • keep your waist warm
  • Massage acupuncture points: massage the points around your navel for about 15 minutes until you feel the heat.
  • Keep exercising: Yang energy can be generated by moving your body. Women with cold constitution should exercise even more to boost their Yang energy.

The role of Aviva exercices curing the cold uterus:

Practicing the Aviva method 3 times a week increases the blood circulation into the pelvis area, energising it and boosting its warmth. This warmth is to be preserved as long as possible by a relaxation right after the exercises while covering yourself, drinking hot drinks, keeping your hip/waist area warm constantly day and night and having bath or shower not earlier than 12 hours after each Aviva session. During a few months of regular practice, the positive changes happens in the body, contributing to the success of an even natural or artificial conception.