“I took the Aviva method course in November because I wanted a baby, but there was not a chance in the absence of menstruation and ovulation. My hormonal level was chaotic, I was terribly acneic because of the high rate of  testosterone.
The diagnosis was PCOS, and the doctor suggested drugs.
I wanted to learn about natural therapies first, so I went to Aviva workshop in November.
In December, I practiced exercises for the first time every other day, then two times a week. I worked hard in January and February.
The first signs were the lack of acne. My blood test in February showed no sign of ovulation, but my face was completely smooth, the acne was gone. Meanwhile continuing exercices, I finally started losing weight, which I supported with a diet, so I quickly lost 10 kg.
I felt ready for pregnancy in April.
In May, we supported ovulation with drugs. I am today at 31 weeks of my pregnancy.
I want to thank you again for your help and I would like to encourage all my colleagues to do the exercises persistently, because we often perform miracles ourselves. ” (Aviva Tanc.hu)